NA’AMAT- The women’s Movement of Israel

NA’AMAT is the largest and leading Women’s Movement in Israel.
NA’AMAT’S top priority is to advance and strengthen the status of women in the family, in the work force and in society.

In NA’AMAT we strive to achieve equality between the sexes and full participation of women in social, economic and political spheres.
We believe it is our duty and obligation to represent and lobby for the empowerment of working women in Israel.
NA’AMAT, previously called Moetzet Hapoalot (Council of Working Women), was established in 1921 by young working women, pioneers who came to Palestine in the early 1920’s.
Moetzet Hapoalot was organized as an autonomous movement with affiliation to the Histadrut (The General Federation of Labor).

NA’AMAT today is a non-profit organization, a socio-political, multi-party women’s movement comprised of women from diverse sectors of the population, communities, countries of origin and religious streams.
NA’AMAT employs 4,000 women and men working for the various services which are provided.

NA’AMAT is a world movement with sister organizations in 8 different countries: U.S.A, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, Belgium, Argentina,Uruguay and Peru.
We strive to strengthen the bond and the solidarity between NA’AMAT Israel and its counterparts abroad.
NA’AMAT International is represented at the World Zionist Organization (WZO).  In addition, we strive to strengthen our relations with other organizations and institutions with similar goals throughout the world.

We act on two main levels which complement one another:
On the public level – NA’AMAT mobilizes and leads to bring about social changes by initiating campaigns to influence public opinion and increase public awareness and to promote gender equality in all walks of lives. We work to reinforce women’s awareness of their rights and value in the work force while pressuring employers to adapt to the special needs of the woman and her family, in order to form labor world supporting parenthood.

To Achieve These Goals We:

  • Initiate legislation
  • Participate in Knesset (Parliament) Committees
  • Initiate campaigns through public media
  • Organize protests and demonstrations
  • File Petitions to the Supreme Court
  • Publish information and organize lectures and seminars.

On the communal level – NA’AMAT provides support services to about 35women, children and families all over Israel.

Educational Programs:

  • Day Care Centers (including multi-purpose centers for children at risk)
  • Technological High schools
  • Agricultural, Residential Youth Villages
  • Scholarships and research grants for young women in the academic world
  • Professional training programs for women

Social services for women and families:

  • Legal Counselling and mediation
  • Intervention, Treatment and Prevention of Domestic Violence
  • Counseling and support groups for women and families
  • ABBA center for fathers – guidance, consulting and support groups
  • Cultural enrichment and empowerment programs for women

NA’AMAT can be found in every corner of the country. We are fully aware of the changing needs of women and families. We make every effort to adapt our agenda based on these changes, while anticipating future needs.
We approach every challenge with an open mind and with innovative thinking and we take action with compassion and faith. We strive to create a better quality of life for the woman and her family in Israel.